Pet Sitting Service

Need a pet sitter!

  • Regularly working long hours!
  • Going away on vacation!
  • Worried about your pet’s welfare and your home’s security!

Then we have the service for you! At Mop Angels we work hard so that when you come home, you don’t have to…and that includes looking after your pet’s needs too! We know just how difficult and stressful it can be to find someone reliable to care for your pet when you are regularly away from the home or busy planning your vacation. Day/boarding kennels sound perfect but taking pets out of their comfort zone can create anxiety and place lots of stress on them. By choosing Mop Angels pet sitting, your pet is able to receive lots of care and attention – just as if you were home; allowing them to continue their healthy lifestyle without disrupting their normal routine.

We can provide:

Dog visits We will make visits to your home where your pet is in its own environment and feels most comfortable. Visits can include feeding, fresh water and a short walk or play time…and of course lots of love and attention. We also bring in the mail, take out or bring in the bins, water plants and gardens, turn on/off lights and open/ close curtains etc; giving your home that ‘lived in’ feel. Your sitter can visit as many times per day as you need them to and is only ever a phone call away if you need to contact them.

Cat visits We will visit, feed, check on, clean litter trays, top up water, refill automatic feeders, and of course, spend some time providing love to your cat. If your cat usually spends lots of time outdoors, then we can let out in the morning and in the evening let your cat back in.

Overnight Pet Sitting We arrive at your home at around 6pm and stay overnight through until at least 8:00am the following morning. If you have a dog, we will take him or her for a local, familiar walk in the evening and again in the morning. We will maintain your pets’ regular regimen as directed by you; including all feeding, meds, day time walks and visits (as required), cleaning of litter-boxes, scooping poop, providing fresh water at all times, playing, cuddling, and giving lots of loving care always! Being away from your pet can be an anxious time. We want to feel as relaxed as possible. Your sitter will happily keep you updated on how your pet is doing and please feel free to call them at anytime.

Get to know us before you book It’s vital that you feel both confident and comfortable with your choice of pet sitter and also that your beloved pet does too.  We will arrange for your sitter to meet with you and your pet in the comfort of your home. Your sitter can then spend some time with you and your pet, giving you the chance to get to know your potential sitter and for your pet to make a new friend. During this friendly chat, you and the sitter can talk about the specific needs of your pet; including:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Favourite toys and bedding
  • Any special needs your pets has, i.e. medications, brushing
  • Vaccination status
  • Vet and emergency contact information
  • Dates you will be away
  • Plant care, mail, bin days etc.
  • Security care; including handing over of keys, alarm codes, the leaving on of lights, opening/ closing curtains etc

Need a few necessities added to the fridge before your return? Your sitter is more than happy to run down to the shops to ensure that you have what food is needed for your return. Simply arrange this beforehand with your sitter. To find your perfect sitter and to arrange a friendly, no commitment visit from us, please contact us here

How about a holiday Spring clean! Whilst you are away, why not use the opportunity to book a Spring clean for your home. Mop Angels are cleaning specialists and can have your home sparkling clean, ready for your return.