Premier Home Assist

  • Do either you or a loved one need a little extra help around the home?
  • Perhaps some assistance whilst recovering from a hospital stay
  • Or more regular support to enable you to remain living at home independently
  • Would you appreciate a service that listens to and responds to your needs?
  • A service that gives you the control and flexibility you need!

At Mop Angels we have developed such a service. We call it Premier Home Assist. A home help service updated for the 21st century. We have replaced the uniformed care assistant of old, with someone who is in reality your own personal assistant (PA).

We understand that having a stranger in your home can be a daunting prospect and that is why we do everything we can to ensure that we select the right home assistant for you. Our team will always visit you in your home so that we can discuss and understand your needs and work with you.

Your Premier Home Assist personal assistant (PA) is there to provide assistance with your day to day, non-personal care and support needs. They will work alongside you and be guided by your priorities; whether they are house cleaning, a trip out, errand running, or simply a chat over a cup of tea. The choice is yours.

Here are several examples of the services we can provide, that may assist you to continue living independently.



Companionship and socialising are important tools for the maintenance of good health and to ward off those unwanted feelings of social isolation.

All of our home assistants are genuinely friendly, outgoing people, who are on hand to offer you all the support and companionship that you need. As this is a client led service, you’re the boss. You decide how you would like to spend your time together.



Social Outings

This service provides you with the opportunity to leave the house and to get out and about.

Your personal assistant (PA) can accompany you to the shops, bank or local café – the choice is yours.. All workers are experienced, honest, cheerful and caring.


Help around the home

We can provide you with an experienced housekeeper who can tackle all the household chores, such as vacuuming, washing, hanging out washing, cleaning floors, washing up, cleaning bathrooms, making beds or helping in any way necessary. Your housekeeper is also on hand to provide companionship and a friendly ear.



Meal Preparation

When a client is unable – for whatever reason, to prepare their own meals at home, an at home personal assistant (PA) can provide help with meal preparation such as chopping up food to be cooked at a later date or actually preparing and cooking your meal for you.

All meals are hygienically prepared, created with care and prepared according to your tastes and instructions.




Transport may be provided if you need assistance to visit doctors, hospitals, shops etc. Our workers use their own vehicles, which are not ramped, so are unfortunately not suitable to clients who require a specialist wheelchair accessible vehicle.

All workers are punctual, careful, safe drivers who abide by the rules of the road. Your driver will be happy to either accompany you or to wait in the vehicle until your return.

Your personal assistant (PA) can also accompany you on taxi journeys, if you require a specialist vehicle with a fitted ramp.



Dog Walking & Domestic Pet Care

We understand how valuable the love and companionship of a pet can be. If you have a dog that needs walking or a cat that requires feeding and its litter tray refreshed, then we have the service for you. We offer dog walking and in-house pet care to ensure that your beloved four pawed companion is well looked after.



Garden Maintenance

Due to its physical nature, gardening can be daunting and exhausting work, leaving you unable to tend to it as you would like to, yourself. We have workers who can help maintain a tidy garden by mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, planting flowers and other similar tasks.


Also ask your personal assistant (PA) to assist you with:


  • Household tasks, such as cleaning, dish washing, laundry, de-cluttering, bed making and any other household task
  • Grocery Shopping.Could you benefit from someone to accompany you on a shopping trip or to assist you in ordering your home shop.
  • Medication Reminders.If you take regular prescribed medication, we can act as a reminder to ensure that you are prompted to take your medication as directed from your GP
  • We all benefit from spending quality time with another other people. Even if it is simply a pleasant chat over a cup of tea
  • Meal Planning and Preparation.Eating well and regularly is vital to our well-being. Your personal assistant will work with you to plan and prepare your favourite meals
  • Sitting Service.If you are feeling unwell or are daunted by the thought of spending the night alone, then we can offer the support of an overnight stay by one of our personal assistants
  • Assistance with pension collection.
  • Accompanying to/from Appointments.Could you benefit from a friendly companion to accompany you both to and from appointments. Perhaps you need someone to write notes and act as a reminder of what action was agreed upon, during a visit to a health professional
  • Dog Walking.If you have a pet that needs a regular walk and find it a struggle to go yourself, then we can arrange for your dog to get the exercise that it needs
  • General care for household pets.Clean and replenish water and food bowls, check and replace necessary bedding, assist the client in caring for their pet
  • Help with correspondence, reading or new technology
  • Find the best quote, book and oversee trades people
  • Errand Running.Need something doing? Whether it be dropping off the dry cleaning or picking up a parcel from the post office, we can take care of that for you
  • Take out or return exterior rubbish/recycling/garden waste bins.
  • Accompanying to Social Activities and assisting you to discover new ones.An important part of living independently is the ability to remain a visible part of the wider community. So if you need assistance to meet up with old friends, visit the family or fancy some company at the pub, we can be there

Should you require more information about Premier Home Assist, feel free to contact one our friendly team to discuss your needs. We can easily arrange a home consultation if you feel that you would prefer to meet and talk further.


We are dedicated to providing you with all the friendship and support you need, to enable you to remain in your own home.