Regular housekeeping service

Imagine  returning home after a busy day, to a home that has been thoroughly cleaned. All the housework is done and your list of chores completed. In fact, there is nothing for you to do but to sink into your armchair, sigh contentedly and relax. That scenario is an aspiration to most…but not to a Mop Angels client.

Join us and this could be your home.

More people than ever before are discovering that a housekeeper is a modern day ‘must have’. If you love having a cleaner, just think how you will feel, having your very own housekeeper!

Hiring just the right housekeeper can be life-altering for the busy family. Now this may seem to be a little over-the-top, but I am serious. Think about your life-whether you’re single, a couple or a family – you have so little time; No time to keep your home as organised or clean as you would like. No time to do the smaller tidying jobs or the chores that would make a huge difference.

Maybe you struggle to juggle all the housework, or sort out that spare room. Maybe you need to clean your house quickly in readiness for a party, or you have a growing ‘to – do’ list of chores that needs ticking off.

It seems clichéd to say it, but often we let things slip through the cracks. We spend too much time thinking about them, too much energy worrying about them. You deserve someone to make your life easier. You deserve a dedicated housekeeper.

At Mop Angels we specialise in providing fully insured and professionally vetted housekeepers, who will manage your household tasks. Your priorities are theirs too!

Your housekeeper offers a cleaning+ service, for when you need more than a cleaner.

Ask your housekeeper to:

  • Clean your home
  • Iron and tidy away clean clothes
  • Sort, fold and put away the laundry
  • Wash and tidy away all the dishes
  • Make up the beds
  • Change bed linen as and when required
  • Organise wardrobes and bedroom drawers
  • Run any errands and complete your to – do list (liaise with your housekeeper regarding any monies required to run errands – including fuel costs to housekeeper)
  • Tackle your weekly shop or be there when the food delivery arrives (liaise with your housekeeper regarding any monies required to pay for groceries, fuel costs to housekeeper etc)
  • Oversee tradespeople
  • Assist you with entertaining the children
  • Report all necessary domestic repairs
  • Answer the telephone and take messages
  • Empty and clean interior rubbish bins
  • Walk your pet, empty litter trays

What about cleaning products and equipment?

For your convenience, your housekeeper will arrive, carrying their own cleaning products. If however, you prefer to use your own products, then simply let your housekeeper know. Please have a working iron and ironing board if you require some ironing done.

Mop Angels use all natural, non-toxic cleaning products

We know that our carefully selected natural and non-toxic cleaning products are just as effective as their harsher equivalent chemical cleaners. We are confident that the eco-products we use will be healthier for your home, family, any pets, as well as being safer for the environment.

If you have any special requests or housekeeping priorities, then simply leave a short note for your housekeeper.

Arrange housekeeping help today

Our process is simple. Call us to arrange a face-to-face consultation and we will be happy to discuss your needs; or if you are prefer to schedule a housekeeper without delay, head straight to the booking page.

Providing  your housekeeper with access to your home

The easiest way of providing access to your trusted Mop Angels housekeeper is to be at home when they are scheduled to arrive. As that is not always possible, we suggest that you have a spare key cut and hand that over to your housekeeper. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.

Please remember to familiarise your housekeeper with any alarm system that you have in place.

If you have any queries or concerns, we are only a phone call away.